A gas stove is an integral part of every kitchen. As most of the cooking is done on a gas stove, keeping it fully functional and well-maintained becomes crucial for every homeowner. Since any ignorance and mistake can lead to dangerous consequences, you should immediately call a certified and insured Gas Repair Company in Vancouver.

There are several reasons for which you might need professional assistance to repair the gas stove. Some of them are:

The surface burner is not lighting.

The most common problem with a gas stove is when the surface burner doesn’t light when ignited. It may be due to clogged portholes of the burner or another reason could be the pilot’s light is extinguishing. If your gas stove has an electric igniter, ensure that it is correctly plugged in. If this is not the problem, you should take a look at the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. In case you can’t find the source of the problem, a professional gas repair is highly recommended.

The burner flame is very low.

Gas Repair Company in Vancouver

                Gas Repair Company in Vancouver

When the burner flame gets weaker, you might be dealing with the blocked burner flame openings. It might also be the case that your burner is receiving an inadequate supply of gas. Besides, the lack of air can also create issues. In that case, try adjusting the air shutter. If gas is not supplied properly, it is best that you call for a professional Gas Repair Company in Vancouver.

The gas odor is detected. 

Detecting gas odor in your home is never a good sign. As soon as you smell gas when the pilot flame is out, open windows to create ventilation in the home and see if the odor goes away. Do not switch on any electrical equipment and do not light a match. Both of these can be extremely dangerous and can lead to fire accidents. Check if all the burners are in the off position. Turn off the gas supply and air out the kitchen instantly.

Sometimes, the gas odor might also be due to an extinguished pilot light. Call a certified gas stove repair professional to be on the safe side to check the source of gas odor.

Greasy surface

When the cooking surface is greasy, it reduces the efficiency of your gas stove because burners have to work harder and use more gas. So, always make sure that you clean the surface after cooking. Regular cleaning enables the burner to work more efficiently and reduce gas wastage. Some of the gas repair companies in Vancouver also offer gas stove maintenance services. If your cooking surface is difficult to clean, you can get it professionally done.

Noisy Burner Flame

The burner flame makes noise usually when your stove receives an excessive amount of air or gas. In case of too much air, you can adjust air shutters. However, in the latter case, call a gas repair specialist.

When it comes to your gas stove, never try to cut corners or delay taking precautions. You need to act on it as early as possible. Since the risk is too high, it is highly recommended to get professional help.