If you use home appliances regularly, you might already know how to maintain your dryer to some extent. You avoid overloading it with clothes, or you clean the lint screen, or you ensure that the appliance is level, etc. But today, we are going to focus on the dryer maintenance tips that most of the homeowners are not aware of.

Before discussing the maintenance tips, it is essential to keep in mind that none of your home appliances are immortal, and no matter how well you care, your appliance will need repairs someday. So, when in need of an appliance repair, it is best to search the “Best Appliance Repair Company Near me” for a quick solution.

Here is how you can avoid unnecessary repairs or dryer replacement by applying these clothes dryer maintenance tips.

  1. Clean the Dryer Drum regularly (monthly)

You should remove residue from detergents, dryer sheets, etc. by gently cleaning the inside of the dryer drum.

Spray it with water and white vinegar mixture, and wipe it with a soft cleaning cloth. Rinse the cloth and wipe the drum again with clean water. They dry the drum with a towel and leave the door open to let it air out.

  1. Deep clean the Lint Screen.

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After every few months, lint screens get coated with residue from contaminants from clothing or dryer sheets, making them less effective. So, once in 3-4 months, clean the lint screen with dish soap, water, and a stiff brush.

  1. Inspect the Exterior Vent

When your dryer is running, inspect your exterior dryer vent. It can help you detect potential fire hazards. Make sure that the flaps over the vent are open when the dryer is operating. Also, ensure that the vent is at least a few feet away from your AC unit.

  1. Vacuum the vent hose and area behind the dryer

The vent hose can get clogged with lint and become a fire hazard. In order to avoid this problem, vacuum the vent hose every six months, or depending on how often you do laundry.

  1. Dry the door gaskets

The gasket, rubber seal around your dryer’s door, should be kept dry, as it will prevent mold growth and excessive wear. It will also ensure a better seal around the door, which promotes energy efficiency. Drying the door gaskets is the easiest of all clothes dryer maintenance tips, but it is still essential.

  1. Check for the right machine balance.

If your dryer shakes or thumps when operating or your clothes end up smooshed on one side, your dryer could be unbalanced. Try to adjust the legs of the dryer to level it.

There are several common signs of a failing dryer:

  • The dryer is not heating up.
  • Dryer is squeaking
  • The dryer doesn’t spin, or it rotates slowly.
  • The dryer won’t start at all.
  • The dryer has a burning smell or is smoking.

Now, the most vital clothes dryer maintenance tip is to address any problem right away. In order to find out if your dryer issues might be severe, contact the Best Appliance Repair Company Near you.